About Simultele Interpreting



About Simultele

Simultele is phone interpreting platform of Dragoman Language Solutions. We are based in the United Kingdom but we hire and provide globally. We currently offer 150+ language combinations on our RSI and VRI interpreting platform and look forward to expanding into other languages you may need. Our remote interpreters work from all around the world using web platform as well as Zoom and Webex on a 24/7 basis.

About Dragoman

Dragoman Language Solutions is a registered United Nations provider. We service to over 500 global brand and corporation. For a full copy of our story and references please contact our offices.

Our company was founded

21 July 2005 Dragoman was founded in July 2005 as an interpreting agency with a modest footprint in transcreation.

Proven track-record

4 September 2008

In three years our business expanded ten-fold and Dragoman became a choice translation & interpreting services provider for hundreds of multi-national brands.

Technology focus

12 November 2011

We streamlined our business with technology partnerships including XTM-Cloud, XTRF and later with Asia Online, Tilde, Easy Ling, WeYi and Zoo Digital.

Remote interpreting

1 June 2013

We identified remote interpreting as a strategic priotiy and invested in interpreting scheduling & on-demand interpret management services.

Simultele was launched

5 August 2017

In August 2017 we launched simultele and introduced testing & training workflows to recruity OPI / VRI interpreters in 80+ languages.