Frequently asked questions

This is a short list of commonly asked questions. Please contact us for your special needs.


Simultele is a web and mobile platform for remote interpreting in 150+ languages. Registered clients can access to qualified interpreters in only a few seconds. We offer both over the phone interpreting (OPI) and also video remote interpreting (VRI).

Is it simultaneous or consecutive interpreting?

Mostly consecutive interpreting but if needed, we can also provide remote simultaneous interpreting as well. Consecutive interpreting is the current standard for hospitals, courts, correction facilities, immigration centers and the police.

Which languages are supported on your remote interpreting platform?

Vietnamese, Chinese, Romanian, Albanian, Polish, Arabic, Farsi, Turkish, Kurdish, Sorani, Slovak, Ukranian, Russian, Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi are the most common languages for remote interpreting. We cover over 150 languages. We have all Balkan languages including Serbian, Bosnian, Albanian, Montenegrin, Croatian and Macedonian, most African languages and also many Asian languages, too. Please contact us for your specific language interpretation needs.

I downloaded the app but cannot login.

Simultele is a secure and invitation only platform. Your account must be activated first. Contact our office to register and activate your account. And also, use our web platform unless it is an emergency.

Does it work every where?

Yes, as long as you have good internet connection, Simultele works. But we require all our interpreters to work in a silent and private room and never in public. Please refer to usage guidelines provided by your supervisor.

How can I become an interpreter on Simultele?

Fill in our contact form and send your resume, please. We require minimum two years of interpreting experience, fresh & lively voice on the phone, helpful & positive attitude towards clients and excellent language skills. Having a degree in translation & interpreting is a plus. Some tasks also require certification from related bodies. We may ask for a background check in certain cases or contact your references to confirm your working history.

Do you provide interpreter training?

We train you to use Simultele platform properly. We also train you about onscreen scripts requested by the client. But we do not train you to be an interpreter. There are formal schools in many countries for that purpose.

I am a doctor, can I use it to communicate my international patients?

Absolutely. Simply contact us detailing your use cases and language needs. We will create a client account for your and assign a dedicated team of qualified medical interpreters.

How much does it cost if I use remote interpreters on Simultele?

Our charges are per minute and this per minute charge depends on your volume, contact languages and complexity of the task.

I am a client, how do I pay for your services?

We have prepaid or postpaid packages. Please contact our sales team to request a quote for our remote interpreting services.

I am an interpreter, how do get paid for my interpreting services?

We pay on the 15th day of each month for your total services within the previous month. We use PayPal, Skrill or bank accounts to transfer your money.

Is it always per minute or is there a minimum fee for instance during a court hearing or a business meeting?

In 90% of the cases our services are per minute; clients pay per minute, interpreters earn per minute. In some high level business or legal appointments, however, additional fees may apply.

Can I work from home?

Yes, but you must assure minimum working standards, i.e. a good computer, stable internet connection, headphones, silence and white background for video interpreting. Pets, kids and guests are not allowed.

Will I work on the phone or computer?

Phone is for emergency situations only and subject to approval. You are expected to use a computer for higher quality of services in many countries. In all cases, you must wear a headset and make sure your broadband internet is stable.

Can I work from a cafe or public place?

No, never! Client confidentiality is a strict and core principle of our code of conduct. You will be working remotely and in private - not in public. Remote interpreting requires a remote office-like environment.

Will I always have a script to follow?

Sometimes, and we will test & train you for onscreen instrutions. When taking a call, always greet with your name and ID and by asking how can I help you today. Some calls immediately start with a help request, while during some calls you are expected to follow or help others understand on-screen instructions.

What are the common call topics?

Mostly telehealth, helping people access to healthcare; also police and courts, and sometimes immigrations offices. In addition, business people use our app to reach their international partners and clients.

Will I receive calls after I login?

If you pass onboarding tests and your working equipment comply with our standards, you can start taking real calls immediately. Please be aware that Simultele is a live platform, so once your profile is approved, our system will start directing you calls when you login.  And therefore please make sure to logout if you are available to take calls.

How many minutes or hours will I work in day?

100 - 200 minutes per day per interpreter is our current range. However, daily minutes depends on client requests and we will be updating you on peak hours and expected volume. We do our best not to overcrowd our platform and provide a steady income to our colleagues.

How can I start using Simultele?

Simply fill in the contact form (click here), describe your needs and expectations, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.