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Court Interpreter

Serving the justice in another language cannot happen without a qualified interpreter.  Our platform is secure, interpreters observe full confidentiality and in certain cases connect to the court from our own premises. We can provide you qualified legal interpreters and sworn / certified interpreters in 80+ languages. Some languages may require advance scheduling for quality and confidentiality purposes.



Struggling to communicate with your international clients? Want to boost sales or streamline aftersales support? Use Simultele and expand your customer reach into regions you cannot possibly communicate with your internal resources. We can help your aftersales teams to reach their customers in 80+ languages.  Use remote interpreting and expand yoru market potential.

Tele Health

Simultele is an easy and reliable solution to offer medical care for international patients. Not everybody speaks a foreign language. You may use our interpreters audio only, audio & video and also for sign languages. We have on-call interpreters in 80+ languages operating 24/7. Our interpreters are certified and/or otherweise qualified in their respective languages or countries.

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Key Advantages

Global coverage

We cover 80+ languages 24/7 thanks to our global interpreter network.

User friendly

Our mobile app and web interface are designed for easier and faster access to qualified interpreters.


Our interpreting platform can easily be connected to your existing phone infrastructure enabling your team to eliminate language barriers instantly.

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Use cases

Simultele is being used by transport authorities, prisons, hospitals and immigration centers. Private businesses, courts and police force also schedule calls from time to time. They choose ıs because:

  • We cover their language needs
  • We are 24/7 available
  • Our rates are affordable
  • Our interpreters are very good
  • Our apps are very easy to use
Ease of use

About us

Dragoman has been offering translation, on-site & remote interpreting and language training services to over 500 Turkish and multinational corporations since 2005.

Simultele is our leading platform for over the phone interpreting (OPI) and video remote interpreting (VRI). We operate in 80+ languages and most of our languages are available 24/7.

Our platform is very easy to use and our per-minute / per-session rates are competitive. We recruit, train and audit a select interpreter network of 500+ professionals.

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